Birth, Death & Anniversary Announcements

Craven Card 001 .jpg

Birth announcement with purple orchids sent to family and friends by a lesbian couple. It reads:

"To deny our grief is to deny our love—for we loved her way before she was here…
Thank you for sharing in our joy when we were expecting [our daughter]
And for sharing in the sorrow of losing our little girl.
We hurt knowing that she never got to see how many people were looking forward to meeting and loving her."

The words to the song "You are my Sunshine" are printed on the reverse. (click image to see more description)


Birth announcement sent by a single lesbian mother following the birth of her eight-month-old son, Samuel (whom she asked me to name). See also her 2nd Birthday video message.

In loving memory of my beautiful and perfect baby boy
Conceived on May 8th, 2010
Flew away with the angels on January 10th, 2011
Was born sleeping on January 11th, 2011
Was due on February 7th, 2011 ... (click image to see more description)

2nd Birthday (edited).pdf

E-card sent by a single lesbian mother to family and friends to mark what would have been the 2nd birthday of her son.

Video begins with her child’s name (which she asked me to keep in this example) “Samuel” and the poem:

Samuel, I hope you are in
peace, wherever you are,
I miss you terribly, mum
Though my body can no longer
Hold you,
I hold you in my heart,
A mother’s love never forgets. (click here to see video)

8 years.jpg

Facebook post to remember her stillborn daughter’s 8th birthday by a lesbian mother who lives in a rural US community with few other LGBTQ families in her immediate circle of friends.

Text reads: It’s [November 18th] again. Eight years ago today, I held my beautiful baby girl in my arms, and tried to figure out how to say hello and goodbye all at once. This morning I sat down with [my twins], and told them the story of their oldest sister. (It’s something I did with [my second daughter] when she was an infant, too.) I know it will be years before they understand, but for now, I want them to have heard. I want them to know that this family is bigger than just what they see. I want them to know who she is, and why she’s important. I want her to know, too—she must know, wherever she is—how much she is remembered and loved … (click image to see more description)

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Birth, Death & Anniversary Announcements